How to Start an Animal Rescue

Every animal rescue aims to bring all the animal lovers together to work towards saving every last struggling pet on the streets. Stray dogs and cats to rabbits are being rescued all across the globe. It is the most humane thing to do in these times of violence and chaos. Spreading love through your pet is the best way to receive love. You can be a part of such a non-profit organization and help in their services, but you can do more. If you wish to start an animal rescue, you must be able to keep aside some time and energy to handle all the organization’s activities. With so many pets at your place, you will need trainers or caretakers to tame all the animals. Let us look at the various steps to adopt to start an animal rescue.

1.      Research and Planning

Most people will rush through this step to get straight ahead to the excitement of executing the plan. However, without proper research and preliminary planning, there wouldn’t be anything solid, to begin with. Knowing the business is important; make sure you understand the basics before jumping right into laying the foundations. Several issues are likely to hinder the process, making it harder for you to complete the project. Learning about the community’s problems, attending conferences, and contacting other similar organizations can help you gain a better picture of what goes in animal rescue. Since your organization has the caliber to grow beyond the heights achieved by others, you need to invest time into creating inspiration for the aspirants.

Have a Mission Statement

2.      Have a Mission Statement

When articulating the mission behind starting such an organization, you must try to be unique with your diction, positive, brief, and action-oriented. This would be the groundwork for your entire project, meaning you always have to stay true to it.

3.      Goals are Everything

Goals aren’t the same as your mission statement. While the latter is what you want to achieve, the former is each step to that landing on the top. Making your goals concrete is crucial in order to make them look achievable in the long run. Writing them down is the ideal way of registering these ideas in your mind. Gauging your progress will always be easier when you have set goals. Long-range targets have to be listed down first and write the most present and easily achievable ones to the end. Starting from the bottom of the list to work towards the top is the challenge you have to take.


4.      Board of Directors

The next thing you have to do is establish a board of directors. The members of the board direct and administer the entire process of rescuing and caring for the animals. You must choose each member wisely so that no decision later leads to remorse. Also, you must figure out ways to prevent problems before they arise. All this will be possible only with a strong team of limited members. Each person’s commitment and ability to bring resources are two factors to consider during selection.

Once you are done with these basic steps, obtain a 501©(3) non-profit status, set up a name, budget, and an accounting system for your organization, and advertise your services after defining standards and policies.

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