A not for profit organization that finds loving homes for rescued house rabbits. 



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Here's an even easier way to support MRR when you shop at Amazon.



Save up to 15% Oxbow small animal essentials at PetSmart.com!
Offer valid 1/4 - 1/31.


Kroger Community Rewards is an awesome program that donates a portion of what you spend there to Michigan Rabbit Rescue!!! All you need to do is register your card.

PLEASE NOTE: Kroger requires us to re-register every year. To see if you have MRR currently designated as the recipient for your Kroger Community Rewards, simply login to your Kroger on-line account, or look at the bottom of your grocery receipt.

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Get great stuff AND help the Bunnies!!

When you shop at amazon.com using the link on this page, amazon.com automatically donates a percentage of your purchase price to Michigan Rabbit Rescue -- at no cost to you! So kick back and do some easy online shopping and help the bunnies at the same time!

Binkies all around!




Hospital Wing

MRR is nursing some sick bunnies. Click to read their stories and learn how you can help.


Happily Ever After

Click to read the happily ever after stories of some of our adopted bunnies.


Rainbow Bridge

They leave us too soon...